View Full Version : lobster or coral beauty

01/27/2008, 09:09 PM
I need to figure out what has been eating my toadstools and ,last night, my clam. My first suspicion was my coral beauty (had nipped once or twice at other softies). However, the last two nights a large toadstood frag (4" across) was pulled off of its superglued spot and wedged backwards in a cave where my debelius reef lobster has been known to hang out. My crocea was also ate last night from the bysuss inwards (no signs of burrowing on the crocea's shell, just a large hole in the bysuss). The lobster came with the used tank and has been fully nocturnal since I set it up a month ago. I'm really beginning to suspect him because the problems only happen at night and the toadstool was wedged in the cave so hard that I don't think the coral beauty would be capable. Any guesses to the culprit? Also, how do I catch the lobster if he is the problem (I have never seen him out in the open, only under rock at 3am).

01/27/2008, 09:56 PM
It's remote that the Coral Beauty is eating all of that. I have one, and yes I have seen the occasional nip at a softie, but I think thats how she keeps her master in line.
The lobster = evil.
Get a trap and remove him as soon as possible.

01/27/2008, 10:08 PM
I have a Lobter, Coral striprd shrimp and Toad stool, no problemss. only see the lob after lights out and the red LED;s just in back with food, may be not feding enough after dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!