View Full Version : quick lighting question

01/30/2008, 08:56 PM
Ok, 37 gal oceanic show, 24X18X21. Not really interested in keeping SPS, mostly softies/shrooms/xenia with a few LPS. Choices currently are PC 130 watt, or a single 175watt MH bell pendant from Energy Savers Unlimited.

Any thoughts are appreciated. FYI, I had a 250 watt Nova II a few years ago before I took a break and hated the bleed over.


01/31/2008, 06:16 AM
I had a 2X96w power compact (current outer orbit) w/moonlites on my 46g bow front. They worked fine as I had soft corals..had trouble with calms. I have since rebuilt the tank and upgraded to 2X150w MH lights so we shall see...The tank is cycling now. I would go with the MH as I like look of the water and if you ever changed your mind you could do SPS's

Good Luck!