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02/01/2008, 07:01 PM
Low long should I run the lights for my anemone ?

Also, I bought a bubble tip anemone for my percules clown fish. I was told by my LFS that this was the best kind for him, Is this correct?

The anemone looks a sort of greenish with kinda pink tips on the end. Anyone know what the name of this might be.

Thanks for all feedback. I have a lot of questions & everyone here has been more then helpful in answering them This is a great place, Iam glad I found it.

Gary Majchrzak
02/01/2008, 07:23 PM
I'll agree that this is a great place. I'm glad you enjoy it!
There's a whole forum on RC devoted to anemones and clownfish.
Hidden up at the top of that forum is an excellent anemone FAQ that answers all your questions and more. link:


02/01/2008, 08:10 PM
I agree this is the best place for us. I am not an expert on clown fish/anemone relationships but understand that the bubble tips are one of the best for the percula clowns. I have had 2 in the last 8 years and the first one never went near the BT. My FOWLR crashed about a year ago and I lost my percula. About 4 months ago I bought a mated pair of orange skunk clowns and a long tenacle anemone. Well they loved the anemone but the percula didn't. Unfortunately my batfish liked the anemone so much he ate it. So I thought ok I'll get an anemone he won't touch and got a beautiful green carpet anemone. The skunks took right to it and my batfish after a couple of bits realized the sting wasn't worth the effort. Sorry for the ramble but I just noticed about a month ago evey morning when the lights go on the false percula is nesting in this anemone. I think part of the problem is he was captive raised and had no upbringing as a juvenile in an anemone.


02/01/2008, 08:18 PM
While a BTA ( Entacmaea quadricolor ) isn't a natural host for a Percula, they are excepted often. Plus an BTA is one of the easier hosting anemones.

Would like to know the type of lights you are using, but in general, I would suggest 8-10 hours, plus or minus.