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02/01/2008, 09:50 PM
There's a meeting next week! Please feel free to bring frags, etc to donate to the raffle. However, I understand if you're saving things for the upcomming frag swap. Just because it requires three doesn't mean you only should bring three. The more the merrier.

This will be the first meeting at the Paradise Round Table since I've really stepped up so I'm not certain they'll go for our 10% off. But it couldn't hurt to ask.

So I'm planning on having this for an agenda:

Ratify amendment to bylaws
Discuss Frag Swap - March 1st. See here for more
Note there's several pages and some things have changed from the first posts. If you think you have rare frags this read is a must.
DIY Controller discussion by Dan (Visiontech4x4)
Finally, we'll have an open discussion forum (I'll have some topics and take suggestions to see what one wins) I'll mediate.
Decide what topics to discuss for our March Mtg
TOTM for March? Thanks to Kenny last month!
Coordinate travel for the Frag Swap (March 1st)
Coordinate travel for the MARS mtg (Sanjay?) (Feb 15)
Coordinate travle for the RARE mtg (March 7th)
Any other last minute details, deals, and announcements...
TOTM February :D

Please feel free to post if you would like anything else added or changed. Thanks and I look forward to everyone attending.