View Full Version : just started up my 90 Gallon a 1.5 months ago... cleaning crew?

02/04/2008, 11:56 AM
I just started my 90 Gallon with a 20G sump six weeks ago. What do you huys recommend for a cleaning crew to start. I have never had a tank this large before.

Do I have to add the crew in stages or can I put the majority of it in all at once? The store I buy from is 4 hours away, so it is expensive for me to add little crews at a time.

I would like to keep some starfish, and various snails how many of each of these critters should I get?

1. Nassarius snails
2. Astrea snails
3. Trochus snails
4. Fighting Conch
5. Red hermits
6. Blue Hermits
7. Bumblebee snails
8. Chocolate Starfish
9. Urchins
10. Peppermint Shrimp
11. Cleaner Shrimp
12. Fire Shrimp


02/04/2008, 12:05 PM
1. Nass snails are cool. Keep in mind they pretty much eat leftover food, I don't believe they eat much else. I would say 5 to 10.
2. Pass Suggest Cerith snail instead ( about 20 )
3. pass
4. Pass or add later when algea blooms a bit.
5. I like them, lots of fun, personal choice I would say 8
6. Same answer as #5
7. Pass, not a great reef snail
8. Preditory starfish, if you want it expect fish losses.
8a. As a replacement I suggest 2 nice serpent starfish, brown tiger or red. They are great fun to watch at feeding time and move like an octopus. Can be trained to eat from your hand.
9. Pass unless A. you have a glass tank, B. you don't like coraline algea. It's about all they eat :)
10. Personal Choice, I would pass
11. Get a pair, then you'll have some nice shimp eggs for fish food.
12. Personal choice 1-2

02/04/2008, 12:12 PM
25 Nassarius
75 Astrea or Margarita
20 Cerith

That should do the trick.

02/04/2008, 01:02 PM
1. Depends on your sandbed, I would wait until you add fish though
2. I suggest Cerith snails instead (about 24)
3. I would suggest 3-4 Turbos instead
4. I would wait until you add fish, but 1 should do well in a 90 (depending on your sb)
5. I'm not a big fan of hermits, would recommend Scarlet if you get them
6. ^
7. Not reef safe
8. ^
9. Not part of my cuc
10. My pair hides during the day, not as entertaining as other shrimp
11. Lysmata amboinensis is my favorite shrimp species, I would suggest just 1
12. I would suggest only one species of shrimp

The cuc of my establish 120g mixed reef (with a ssb) consists of:

Cerith snails (around 24)
Turbo snails (4)
Fighting conch (1)
Nassarius snails (about a dozen)
Trochus snails (about a dozen, but I have found them to be unnecessary in my set-up)

I started out with the Turbos and the Trochus, then added the rest after a couple of months.

Hope that helps, I think you will find that a lot of people keep a bigger cuc than necessary (from my experience atleast).

02/04/2008, 02:06 PM
Shoot this is tough, everyone has a different opinion. I just wanted some peppermint shrimp because they eat aiptasia if they are around, but I think I got rid of all mine.

I really like fire and cleaner shrimp though. So I was hopin to have 6 cleaners and 5 fire shrimp.

I will wait on the fighting conch. But I really like nassarius snails, so yeah I think I will start with 10.

I'll skip on the trochus and get ceriths. And I have some rock work I don't want disturbed by turbos (They are too big) so maybe I better stick with Astreas.

I like crabs, but they are so aggressive and always attacking my snails, what type of crabv is least likely to do this?

I wanted starfish, because I eventually will be keeping Harlequin shrimp. what about bergundy Linkia'S How many?

But brown Tiger starfish looks cool, will harlequins eat them and how many of these should I get?

02/04/2008, 02:11 PM
Oh, should I get a Tang at the same time this weekend, As a first fish, I heard they eat anything and everything that might surface as problem algae etc... If so, what type of tang is best, or would it matter?

02/04/2008, 02:29 PM
Do some research on the tang, They have a long lifespan if cared for properly, some can also be aggressive and might not make the best 'first addition'.

Linkia's don't do well in our tanks, I don't believe anyone has successfully kept them long term, they tend to slowly starve to death over the course of a year. Choc Chip stars are predatory and depending on your fish selection might do just fine. ( IE: stay away from small gobies )

The Harlequin shimp will 'only' eat starfish, so if you have a serpent, choc chip, or linka they will no longer be 'pets' and will simply be 'food'. If you want a starfish that lives long term in a non aggressive reef tank, the serpents are the way to go. They only eat dead stuff and are great scavengers. If you have larger fish and no Harlequin go for the Choc chip.

02/04/2008, 03:16 PM
Why do most dislike trochus snails? I have some and have been quite happy with them. I could see them possibly knocking a thing or two over in the future, but that hasnt happened as of yet.

02/04/2008, 03:26 PM
I would go with:

4 Turbos

20 Cerith

15 Scarlet Hermits

1 Queen Conch

2 Super Tongan Nassarius

10 of the Smaller Nassarius

Shrimp wise I love Fire Shrimp. And Starfish selection I would go with the Serpent Star or Brittle Star (avoid the Green Serpents, they eat fish).

I will not put Blue Leg Hermits with Cerith Snails anymore. Doesn't matter how many empty shells you put in the tank, the Blue Legs just LOVE Cerith Shells.

If you want to stick with only 1 size Nassarius, I would either go 4-5 super tongan, or 15-20 small Nassarius.

Personally, I use the Super Tongans now. But I would like to mix in a bunch of the smaller guys to help stir a little more of the sand bed up.

02/04/2008, 03:49 PM
Do you guys really need that much clean up crews? I have a 75 gallons but only have like 4 hermit crabs and 2 cleaner shrimps and 2 Nassarius. I really don't see anything wrong with it. I hate it when my nail, crabs and shrimp steal food from my corals. I even consider to throw them away. Except the two cleaner shrimps.

02/04/2008, 06:45 PM
What type of Tang would be a good selection as an early addition to the tank?