View Full Version : PB and achilles able to get along?

02/12/2008, 10:51 PM
OK so i have a 220 gal reef 72x24x30 as of now it only has a flame angel in it but i have a big PB in a 90 gal tank that ive had for yrs hes about 6 inch and thick and happy he will be going into the 220 after i get just about every other fish i want in the 220 as my PB is real agro and he wont let any other fish in most likely after him so he will take over the tank as KING as soon as he goes in there. so the question is if i get a nice lets say 3 inch or so achilles which i know is hard to find will he be able to coexist with my pb if the achilles in alrdy in the tank way before the PB moves in? or do you think the PB will kill him off just cuz hes took close in size and shape? also i will have a smaller 3 inch purple tang that will be in there first, and most likely i will be getting a small maybe 2 inch chevron tang which will be left alone as its is a diff species than any others.

02/12/2008, 11:32 PM
Your powder blue is already big so the chances of him bullying a small achilles is high i would look for an achilles in the more of 4inch plus range. I would add them at the same time and just moderate it closely how it goes. If something goes wrong you can move one back to the 90 while the other settles in. I would also add the chevron first and maybe the purple the same time as achilles and powder blue that could help spread the aggression to slim to none since no one has power already established in the new tank.

02/13/2008, 12:00 AM
My story of the larger achilles, chevron, & purple tang. I added a small tenneti tang thinking the achilles was going to give him a run for its life, not so. The achilles has always been the boss & didn't care less. It was the chevron who chased the tenneti, till the chevron got tired.

02/13/2008, 12:10 PM
hmm thanks for the info, however i will have to put the purple in first as i alrdy have him in a quratine tank, and i think he will leave the small chevron alone as they are 2 diff species. Gem Tang Rider is the tenneti the same species as the achilles or the chevron? see now my powder blue will def be the boss and the achilles would be almost like his muscle lol. im worried about the powder blue taking out the acchilles, now i know there has got to be someone out there who has a achilles and powder blue together and if you do please share your experiences like who was in the tank first and sizes of the fish and the tank of course thanks all in advance.

02/13/2008, 05:22 PM
I would strongly advice that you don't put in the Purple Tang in first if possible. From my experience in keeping Purple Tangs, if introduced first it will bully any other tang. In the past, I had a small Purple bully a Naso that was 3 times larger than the Purple. If you can add them all at the same time, or first the Chevron and then everyone else. I just added a Purple, Yellow and Powder Blue two weeks ago at the same time and everyone is getting along famously.

Charlie's Angel
02/13/2008, 08:15 PM
I added my purple first because I was in a similiar situation. The purple bullies my two yellows, but not too badly and leaves my achilles alone. Adding at the same time is best. When I created my tang family, I always tried to add in multiples. Good luck

02/13/2008, 08:20 PM
Knowing the temperament of the achilles I doubt they will get along. They are too close in character.

02/13/2008, 08:46 PM
Tenneti & Achilles are acanthurus tangs. I also always put a large mirror on the side of the tank for a few days, it does help with aggression.

02/13/2008, 11:08 PM
thanks for the info ya i was worried as they are soo closely related. i guess ill just ahfat put the achilles in my 90 eventually after i get the powder blue into his castle

02/14/2008, 11:57 AM
BUMP still trying to find someone who is keeping both of these beautiful fish in the same tank together ;)