View Full Version : A. Alardi Clownfish fo me!

02/15/2008, 04:00 PM
my girlfriend suprised me alot this Valentines weekend by bringing me to the fish store and showing me one of the fish I have always wanted, an African Alardi Clownfish. I have been preparing for ordering this clownfish online for a year, getting praziaquil and formuline(for brook and internal parisites), getting brine shrimp eggs and black worms. I expected this kind of fish to not eat for weeks and likely die but I don't think that is the case for this fish. It is eating dry pelets(I saw it eat them even after it was already fed today), he's been there for a week, is 3 inches and selling for 30$! it doesn't look like he has any diseases but I am not going to risk it with their tendencies with brook, full 8 week quarentine for this guy. the store helper said that they are incredibly aggressive "one of these tore up my trigger" and I was wondering what your opinion on that was on that.

he might have said that so that we wouldn't buy it, my girlfriend told one of the workers to reserve it and he said that he would tell the other workers to dissuade people from buying it. I'm just double checking that this fish is not an extreme killer.