View Full Version : Have you introduced a Regal (hippo) tang AFTER a Powder Blue?

02/19/2008, 04:23 AM
Reply from experience only please folks!

With the greatest of respect, I am as able as any to draw conclusion from literature and experience with similar species. I just want to hear from anyone that has actually introduced a regal (hippo) tang to their tank after a powder blue.

My powder blue is healthy, alert, about 3-4", and no.2 on the pecking order (after my emperor angel). I've been thinking of introducing a regal tang, but am concerned by how the powder blue will receive him. If you have done this, I would greatly aprpeciate yoru thoughts, comments, and experience in doing so.

I would probably go for a small fish - about 2.5" or so - small enough that the powder blue would not see it as a threat. Since I have had the powder blue, I must admit that I am finding him alot less agressive than I expected - and I am hoping that it means I have a relateively non aggressive one. I would plan in introducing a pink tail trigger at the same time, which should help disperse aggression.

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02/19/2008, 09:33 AM
Yes. It was fine. I keep my BPT well fed and it is not agressive to any fish. You have plenty of space, so the competition for food is the only worry that I would have. Unless your PBT is not noticably growing (or is max size), then you probably aren't feeding it enough.

It will help if you can get the new tang isolated/QTed to get it used to captivity, eating and give it a head start.

02/19/2008, 01:45 PM
thanks jda - thats very re-assuring. Yes, I keep my fish well fed.... very well fed.... loads of nori and good dried foods, in addition to the frozen food which includes everything I can get my hands on on :) My emporer angel has grown from 3.5" to 6.5" in about 6-7 months..... so tht should be a good indicator that I'm feeding well....... and hopefully my powder blue will grow and continue to grow ;)

QT - yes, the regal will be getting a good 6-7 weeks. As soon as he goes into the q-tine tank he will be in hypo the following day.... well the start of hypo and aim to have it at 1.009 after abotu 5 days.... and kept at 1.009 for 30 days, then a good week or so to get it up to NSW again..... so thats a good 6-7 weeks...... should be well feeding and acclimatised by then..... I would expect him to have grown by then too for that matter! LOL

Many thanks again.


02/19/2008, 03:50 PM
I thought my yellow tang was not aggressive as well until I added my hippo. My yellow got bossed by a firefish before the hippo. It was bizzare. Just warning as sometimes they don't show their true colors right away and it comes out when they see something as a threat. I would probably consider trying a QT basket in the main with the hippo if you have any concerns about possible issues. Good luck!

02/19/2008, 08:59 PM
The Tang police are going to get you at anytime watch out.

02/20/2008, 01:11 AM
I'm ready for them...... don't worry ;)

02/20/2008, 05:32 AM
My Yellow became many times more agressive when I put a tang-like species in, the foxface. Watching out for the Tang Police is good advice! I haven't been hounded by them yet for keeping a small Kole Tang in a 55.

02/20/2008, 06:03 AM
The tang police are basically a small group of people that actively campaign against under experienced people grossly overstocking an undersized system with inappropriate species. I'm not really in their remit - yet :)

Part of the tang police's creed is not to hound people that are cautiously doing things which may not be entirely "recommended" but at the same time are not out and out stupid or inconsiderate - providing that someone is known to be of general sound "fish keeping" morals and has sufficient experience to know what they are doing - or at least know what they ought not to be doing.

They know me, and know my level of experience, and know that I am very careful to avoid conflicts, and know that I would act accordingly if I suspected any foul play...... you see some peoples idea of "trouble" is constant chasing, split fins and obvious physical damage. My idea of "trouble" is excessive fin flaring - period. Again, the "police" know this is my policy - unfortunaltey this is not the policy of most people - and people of lesser experience would not even recognise this as a problem......

So...... I'm not afraid of the Tang Police becuase I really am not breaking "their laws" > however if someone of greater knowlege, experience, and wisdom wants to advise against anything I am doing, then I am greatful for any advice they would have to offer ;)

Thanks for the warning though..... heads up are always appreciated :)

02/20/2008, 09:54 AM
Hey Matt - My first two fish were my emperor and a powder blue tang. My third fish was a Hippo tang.

The addition of the hippo was a little dicey at the beginning due to the dominance of the PBT. "Bruce", our powder blue would chase the hippo around the tank relentlessly. In fact, we were ready to take out the PBT and put it in the QT for a while to cool down.

But the Hippo was resilliant and made it though the first sketchy couple of weeks. All I did was make sure that when it was time to feed, all the fish got to eat.

Good luck

02/20/2008, 09:55 AM
They lived together for over 2 years.

tony varrell
02/20/2008, 11:47 AM
I don't think you will have a problem after the first couple of days. I do think you will have a bigger issue if there is an established yellow tang in the system. I can not add any type of new tang to my system regardless of type. The yellow will harass it until death. I only have 2 tangs the hippo and the yellow.One thing to think about is the hippo's sleeping habits. I know from experience they like to sleep in the Branches of larger Acro's. My yellow belly has caused significiant RTN because of that.

02/20/2008, 01:05 PM
Tony - thanks for the tips...... I have softies, not SPS - so the RTN won't be a problem ;)

ccampbell - seeing as my PBT is not the boss..... far from it..... then I'm hoping he will accept him as a comrade, rather than compepitor - as it were........ If the PBT was top dog, I wouldn't even consider it!

thanks guys,