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02/20/2008, 09:21 AM
I have a 90 gallon tank. With a canister filter and a protein skimmer.
With fluorescent and metal halides fixtures. 250 Gph Power head.

Here are the fish and inverts I plan to put in:

Regal Tang 1

Wimplefish 1

Ocellaris clownfish 1

Bumble Bee Snails 12

Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp 1

Condy Anemone 1

Porcelin Crab 1


1. Can all the fish and inverts be kept together?

2. Do I have enough space for another fish?

3. What would I need as a clean up crew?

Thank You for your comments

02/20/2008, 10:36 AM
A lot of people don't like canister filters, just to warn you. Personally I like them and use them. Keep them CLEAN and they work well, don't keep them clean and you're inviting a tank crash.

The fish are all hardy and I think will get along just fine with everything, with the possible exception of the condy. They have a fairly strong sting and move around a lot, so if you add any corals or other anemones you may have a problem. There is also a chance that this anemone will injure your fish and condy anemones don't normally host clowns. Definitely wait to add any anemone until your tank is well established, especially if this is your first reef tank. They can be very difficult to keep well.

You probably have space for another fish so long as it isn't a big fish.

Your bumble bee snails are a good start to a cleanup crew. I would add some cerith snails, nassarius snails, a tongan fighting conch, and a top crown snail or two.

02/20/2008, 11:27 AM
Here's a revised list

1 Regal Tang

1 Ocellaris Clownfish

1 Six Line Wrasse

1 Bulb Tip Anemone

1 Yashia White Ray Goby

1 Pistol Shrimp

12 Bumble Bee Snails

6-12 Cerith Snails

1 Hawian Feather Duster

3-6 Nassarius Snails

Will a wimplefish be able to live in a reef aquarium because the site I
am going to buy them from says their not reef combatible?

What is the order I should add these fish to the tank?

02/20/2008, 11:30 AM
and a pincushion urchin

02/20/2008, 12:07 PM
Regal will get too big for that tank. They grow fast too. If you must have a tank, check out a bristletooth tang or even a chocolate - they can live their whole lives in that tank. Even a purple might be OK for a long term if you stick with a low stocking level.

6 line wrasses get very aggressive. If you don't want to add any more wrasses, damsels, anthias or other medium sized fish, then they are really cool. If you want more/other fish, then they could become a real pain.

There are more effective snails than bumblebees. I like astreas in addition to the cerith and nass.

Some Heniochus are reef save and some are not. There are a bunch of threads in this forum that will tell you how to visially tell the difference. I am not good at it though. Do a search if you are able.

You will really enjoy the goby/pistol pair if they dig where you can see them.

BTAs are easy and really cool. Buy a captive clone if you can. They need some moderate light, good water conditions and some food every now and then.

I would add the fish in the order that you can find good, quality specimins and get them QTed and acclimated to captive life.

02/20/2008, 01:18 PM
These are the only fish I plan on adding except maybe a second clownfish depending on size of anemone.