View Full Version : scars from ich?

02/22/2008, 02:41 PM
I recently got a powder brown tang from some friends that couldn't house it anymore. Awhile back for them it had ich. They treated it successfully but after that was done the fish seems to have a number of very small black dots on each of its sides. they said they never changed or got more or less of them and thought it was some kind of scarring from the ich. Does ich do that? I can just barely see the spots and when the fish moves they are almost impossible to see. it is almost like the correct angle to the scales has to happen to see them. I tried to photograph them, but they didn't show up on any of the photos (with my meager skills).

02/22/2008, 04:02 PM
Those black dots are not scars and have nothing to do with ich. It sounds like a secondary infection that commonly happens when fish especially tangs immune system is down. I have found that good water quality and good nutrition generally will get rid of it. I can't recall what the black spots are exactly, worms I think, but I could be totally wrong. I would re-thread (there's a new word for you) stating ich is cured but black spots have appeared. I would recommend feeding NLS and soak foods in selcon and garlic. This cured these black spots from my foxface. Again feed quality foods heavily but keep water quality pristine. Good luck. Your dealing with a difficult fish to begin with. Regards, Tim

02/22/2008, 04:48 PM
I had done some searching and read about the black ich (which I think is what you are talking about with the worms) and I just wasn't sure this was it. the fish doesn't show any signs of having an infestation (like not eating well, or scratching up against stuff) and the spots haven't increased. when you had the spots, did the fish get more of them or just have the same amount?

02/22/2008, 06:57 PM
My foxface was about 4" and about ten or so spots a bit smaller than ich spots. I just fed him like crazy and made sure to do plebty of water changes. Also I continued to run Kick Ich and ran my salinity at .09. Most fish can get over this and most parasite attacks as long they are fed properly and kept in a pristine enviorment there aren't any other issues hurting the fish. Hope this helps. Regards, Tim