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02/24/2008, 08:46 PM
I know you're going......WHAT? I'll go on...

Yesterday, My wife and I stopped at one of our not so LFS and found a Nice Sailfin Tang...beautiful 9" and 2" thick...superb specimen. Well the help asked me how far a drive and told him about 1-1/2 hr because we had one more stop. I do notblame this on the LFS but they bagged him up and it ended taking 2 hrs before we began the trip home. I asked the wife to check the temp of the bag. It was fine but she took the bag out to see and the fish was lifeless flat on the bottom of the bag. OMG! All I could think was that we needed to get him into some water for any chance. My phone had fell under the seat and by the time I recovered it, we had passed my friends house. The next chance was one of our other LFS. I told my to move the fish around and noticed a little fin movement. I told her to slosh the bag back and forth to try and get some water over his gills. We did this for about 12 miles. My wife's hands began to cramp, so I would take over at the red lights. We got to the store and fast acclimated the fish (5 mins) and stayed there for 2.5 hrs making the fish swim around. we noticed that he would swim a little on his own but would continue to list sideways against the side of the tank. This went on for the time we were there but we need to go, so we decided to leave the fish for the night. To all amazement, he made it and is acclimated and swimming in my tank as I type this. Now my wife and I call ourselves...The Fish Paramedics. Oh and by the way...the fish is named Jesus (Spanish pronunciation ).

What a wonderful day...


02/24/2008, 08:58 PM
Glad to hear you had a happy ending. :)

02/24/2008, 10:23 PM
Glad he's ok. Any pics of Jesus?