View Full Version : another 120 Gal build...lol

02/25/2008, 08:27 AM
hey Guy I just thought I would start a thread. on my 120 as to get some idea's and insight on my project. to give you a little back ground I am upgrading from a fairly simplistic 65 gal.

This new tank will be plumbed in from the basement and the sump will consist of... well at the moment 4 tank's 140, 75, and 2 49 gal... the idea it to have as much water volume/ space to play with as possible... I have been playing with running 49 gal as a DSB, and the other as a Xenia scrubber with chetto and different macro's... the the 75 will be equipment, and the 140 will have my frag factory.

now for the main tank I plan on SPS domonated... with 4 250w MH gonna go with 12k reeflux, the Idea behind this is to have very even light distribution. as it is 48x24x24 foot print.

I will be drilling 4 2.5 inch overflows and building a coast to coast overflow. aswell I will be drillin 6 more for a closed loob and return. I will be using 2 sea swirls aswell for flow.

now here is a list of equipment that I have so far

3 400w MH will be switching out for the 4 250w
return pump sequence baracuda
closed loop pump oceanrunner 1350
I have all of the tanks for the sump.
will be building a skimmer... by the looks of it it will be able to handle a 1600 gal system i will post design later once i work out some bugs
I will also be running a ozone reator on the skimmer.
I will have a very open concept in the tank so there is lots of room for coral place ment. probly 120 lbs
in the sump I will have 275, plus the DSP in the 49 Gal

well thx for reading this start.. i will post pic's of progress... butthis will be a slow build just to warn people..