View Full Version : An idea for checking test kit accuracy...

03/02/2008, 08:34 AM
In light of the recent threads and discussion around water testing, I got to thinking about the accuracy of my test kits and thought I'd bounce this idea off of you folks:

There seems to be a lot of questions surrounding accuracy of kits and problems with salt mixes having less than acceptable levels.

Do you think I could make a calibration fluid myself using RO/DI water and the Reef Chemisty Calculator (http://reef.diesyst.com/flashcalc/flashcalc.html)? In essence, I would mix the 2-part w/ fresh water to my desired Ca, Alk, and Mg levels and check my Salifert kits against them.

The only sticking point that I see is that the kits may not work in freshwater.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Randy Holmes-Farley
03/02/2008, 08:48 AM
If you have access to quality chemicals (not hobby chemicals) and a balance, you can make standards to check things, although that does not always ensure that the kit will work properly in real seawater. We discuss them here: