View Full Version : dual home reef vs Typhoon III

03/23/2008, 08:29 PM
Im looking for a RO/DI filter and I want to use the RO part for drinking and cooking. The RO/DI water will be for the reef tank.


I saw on the AirWaterIce website that they have a RO/DI filter with the tank and faucet setup called the Dual Home Reef, its the same price as the Typhoon III and the new style is 10 dollars more.

But if I got the Typhoon III plus the drinking water add-on then the cost is 70 dollars more.
Am I sacrificing something by going with the 1st one or am I wasting money by going with the 2nd.

03/28/2008, 10:14 AM
Hello Marcus,

The only thing being sacrificed is the DI. The Dual Home Reef has an in-line DI whereas the Typhoon has a vertical DI. The vertical DI of the Typhoon has a larger filtering capacity compared to the in-line DI. That's the only draw-back.

Air, Water & Ice Staff