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04/13/2008, 05:16 AM
Really just an FYI -

I recently bught two of your HQI bulbs, one 14K & one 20K................neither of which are anywhere near the specified color temp. Both are closer to 10K & even then they're on the yellow side - might even be near 6500K (almost no blue at all).

Funny part is that the 14K is "bluer" (if you could call it that) than the 20K.

Note - this is not a reflection on AWI, they have always treated me decently as a customer.........just and FYI so they can send this back to the supplier. I knew going in that the chances of these bulbs being good were small based on the price.

04/17/2008, 12:43 PM

I talked with our supplier about the bulbs. They said it could be many different things that can cause the bulbs to not give off the right color (power supplies, etc.). They also claim that they haven't had this problem before.

Not too sure either way (since the bulbs are a new item). If you would like, you can just email us with your full name and we will give you a store credit towards your next purchase with us (the amount will be determined after you send the email).

Air, Water & Ice staff

04/17/2008, 01:10 PM
Glad to hear you talked with the supplier. That was the only real point of my post, that they might need to take a look at the manufacturing end.

They are running on a true ANSI M80 spec ballast, this delivers 3.0a.......now if these are really spec'd for a 2.1a (ANSI M138/M153) ballast then a brighter or lower K output would be expected when run at the higher voltage.

Not at all uncommon, given the relative scarcity of M80 ballasts compared to the far more common electronic ballasts (these days anyway) I can see building the bulbs to the ANSI M138/M153 spec = actually works better in more cases.

Thanks for the offer but no need..........heck I already placed another order for some filters :)

As I said, I've always been a satisfied customer - I knew I was experimenting.