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04/14/2008, 10:01 PM
I apologize if this is not an appropriate topic for your forum. Just couldn't resist asking when I saw your forum; your "The Super Simple Guide to Corals" was instrumental in my believing that I could do this (we'll see, as I plan to start my first tank [ever!] this fall).

Planning a 125 g. long tank. Question: can I use fluorescents to provide enough lighting to help, e.g., Sinularia flexibis, to thrive, and then use the width of the tank and rock overhangs to do the same for animals that require low/moderate light intensities?

I can't make out a clear answer from what I've read and from the LFSs that I've visited.

Feel comfortable in not answering if I'm too off-topic for this forum (I'm new to forum-ing, too), and, regardless, thank you for a wonderfully balanced, encouraging and wonderful book,
Paul Kramer ([email protected])