View Full Version : 14k vs 20k in a 70watt MH

04/16/2008, 07:50 PM
im looking to replace the bulb in my 70 watt sunpod soon and im wondering what kind of bulb i should replace it with and what spectrum. the stock bulb is a Current 14k bulb. it is the only 70watt bulb current makes but i know that aqualite and ushio also make both a 10 and 20k. i dont really want to go 10k unless its that much better, because then i would need to add actinic so i guess im wondering between a 14 and 20k bulb. i know 20k is blue'er which i think i like but im worried it wont provide enough light. i also heard though that blue light is maybe better for photosynthesis. WHICH BULB SHOULD I GET?