View Full Version : Supply valve leaking!

04/24/2008, 05:14 PM
Just got my nice crispy new typhoon 5 stage ro/di and the supply valve leaks where it connects to the tubing leading to the typhoon..... Not very happy especially now since they are closed and i can't ask why this might be.. If anyone has any idea please let me know

05/01/2008, 09:55 AM
Which valve is leaking? Did you use a saddle valve to attach to the water supply? If that is what is leaking and it is leaking at the plastic sleeve area, then you might have an O-ring that needs to be straightened out. I had this exact problem with my unit. I just pulled out the plastic sleeve and the O-ring inside, wiped everything off to make sure no dirt was in there, and then re-assembled to get the leak to stop.

Also check to see that there aren't any burrs on the plastic tubing and that it is cut square and inserted fully until it firmly seats in the sleeve.