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04/25/2008, 06:46 PM
Ok, I have a question...well, 2 questions actually...

#1- I have read a bunch of articles that say not to mix the different types of anemones in the same tank...I currently have 1 condy (creamish tan colored with purple tips...pretty little thing)...I have a 55 gal tank with a few fish (they have ignored the condy thus far...but my shrimp and hermits (no, not reg-legged) are playing Russian roulette with the condy...Is it safe to at a later time add more condys to the tank?

#2- Ok, now this is just a mix of laziness and ignorance on my behalf...I am looking to update my lighting from the dark ages (please don't persecute me...I only have an hood with Eclipse lighting (single bulb) on my 55gal tank...I am looking at power compact lighting (4 x 65 watts, with 10000k and blue atinics (I believe) and also moonlights...) Is this a decent upgrade for the time being? I have looked into T5 and such, but honestly my head spins whenever I read up on that stuff...


- Andrea

04/26/2008, 09:48 AM
I have read that people have mixed results when adding different species of anemones. I read once, a while back ago a guy had two different species of anemones. And they both were fine. He then added a third different species of anemone and then all of a sudden the other anemone started looking sickly. He ended up removing the newly added anemone from his tank and other anemones were fine again. So some species are probably fine together, but I am not sure which ones are. You may have to just try and see how they behave together.

As far as lighting goes T5 fixtures are good fixtures. I would choose T5 lighting over compact fluorescent. However, both would be and improvement over current lighting.