View Full Version : Amount of food for 5" diam. sea apple?

05/02/2008, 08:15 AM
Who is keeping sea apples (yellow legs), can you advice, what amount of food is necessary for a really big sea apple? 5" contracted, may be even more.

What kind of food to keep it healthy in a long run, frequency of feeding, advice on filtration and anything else, that you consider important. Size of the tank, pattern of flow?

Yes, I'm aware about its toxicity, if it dies of unnatural causes, it will be species tank.
Didn't bought it yet, have a small one only, same species.

Who had read about them, but didn't tried - do not be offended, but I would like to hear from keepers. OK?
Why: this is a rare case, when so far everything is opposite to described in articles, including the reaction on feeding DE live phytoplankton.