View Full Version : Power compacts "on" cycle

05/13/2008, 10:08 AM
I'm running a 260 watt power compact fixture over a 100 gallon long. I'm seeing lots of algae, and (Besides cutting back on food) I think I might be running lights too long, - eleven hours a day.
Other PCF users: how many hours a day are you lighting?
(!0,000 K and "true" atinic bulbs, 2ea)

05/13/2008, 10:14 AM
I just run my PC 9-10 hours a day at most. If your tank was just started within the last few months the algae is kind of unnavoidable. What kind of algae is it exactly?
If it is the red stringy slimy stuff that grows on your rock with sacs of bubbles than I think that algae is kind of inevitable in a new tank. You will just have to let the tank do it's thing and cycle through all that algae. The only other thing would be to check your phosphate levels.
Keep in mind you can do a day or 2 black out where you have no lights in your tank. When I did mine I put a towel over the tank so not even sunlight from outside could get into it.
I have heard it is good to do that on several occasions and it didn't harm anything in my tank. I suppose it's a good break for the system.

05/13/2008, 01:27 PM
The tank has been up since End of November, and I use RODI water, so I don't think phosphates should enter into the picture. I'll check the level tonight, though.
I just have 'greener' rocks than what I see here online, and I get quite a lot of brown algae right at the sand bed.