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05/28/2008, 04:07 PM
A well-known acronym Bermuda is KBB which stands for Keep Bermuda Beautiful. This slogan is for the land, the air and seas. For the seas, lionfish are a real threat to many of the reef champions. The cleaners, grazers and others that grow up to serve as a good food source for us, will get relief.

See the lweb ink of engagement here - http://www.bermudasun.org/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=270&ArticleID=37707

06/18/2008, 05:45 PM
Yes, lionfish are being caught with hook and line in our waters! I hear the smaller guys are in the "shallows" ( I have seen one in less than 15 feet of water). I hear the larger ones are at 10 fathom depths. In days gone by, I've hooked a 4 foot shark, a large eel and a lobster in a boat at night. It's a weird feeling to see the unexpected specimen surfacing. So, what would you do if you see an 18 inch lion-fish on the end of your 30 lbs. test reel?