View Full Version : Flow for 7' tank? Stream position?

05/30/2008, 01:29 AM
I'm working towards a 220g mixed reef but I still have preliminary questions, so I don't have a build thread going (not building just yet), but this seems like the right forum to ask in...

The plan is to have a 7' shallow tank (24" tall, 30" deep) with a Tunze Wavebox. From what I've read, a couple of Streams would really help the water movement. I'm planning on using a Dart for return, and still not sure about closed loop.

I want to build and aquascape around the flow, especially if Streams produce massive laminar flow and the wavebox generates overall motion.

Also I'm planning to keep detritus off the sandbed (shallow), so I'd like to use flow for that.

I was thinking of putting the Streams along the back bottom corners of the tank, aiming for the far top edges, with one pointed a bit higher than the other so they don't cross.

Would this be the best direction?

05/30/2008, 06:34 PM
I have a 180 gal tank. I have 3 6200 and 1 6100 and a 6212. I have all 4 streams blowing straight across the tank left to right. This seems to work best for me.