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06/11/2008, 03:22 PM
Hello everyone.
Im considering building a large tank acorss the back wall of my kitchen.
When I was back home in Ozz i visited a few display homes, the new craze there at the moment - well one of em- is a glass splash back. As in the back wall of the kitchen behind the sink the benchtop and the oven/hot plates/burners.
I would like to include this in my idea, in that i take out thát section of the wall through t the living and lounge room in our house.
The wall is 260c, long so what aprox 102 inches.
The end wall or one end of the tank heads into the access area of the crawl space to under our roof which is where i would like to setup the confined or semi small tank room.
I would then continue the tank into the room and have there the overflow steped down into a refugium and then steped down into the sump before pumping back to the tank.
My concerns are 1000+ liters of water 3 floors up
The wall is the supporting wall from the basement of the house to the lounge room downstairs and then from there up to us up stairs. The floor is a concrete slab.
Will the floor hold that much weight.
I have already asked an architect about it- he asked me if i had a party with 20 mates up here and we went to check out the tank would that hold us or would we fall through, if that is a definet yes then it would be ok to build.
oh yeah 300*60*60 = 1080 liters without sump
118''*24''*24'' = 285 Gallons
Please help i feel snowed under

06/13/2008, 06:17 PM
IME the Architect should go back to school.
I had 350 gallons tank on third floor next to the wall with no problems. Think about this way large book case weight more the 200-300 gallons fish tank.
8 people with average weight of 180 lbs standing in small circle = 1440 lbs and the floors are holding.
The weight is getting distributed equally

Good luck with your project