View Full Version : good weekend ahead

bermuda reefer
06/27/2008, 07:52 AM
All of the bermuda collecters will be happy as i think we have a perfect weekend coming up. I bet the the weathers crap after this weekend for a least two weeks.
I would be good to alert the other users to try and revive this forum if they are interested, at least for spotting purposes it would be great.

06/28/2008, 12:27 PM
Excellent snorkeling day! Lots of edible reef fish seen such as grey snappers, porgies, chubs and even pompanos. The little guys we saw weren't so little: a few spanish hogfish, blue tangs and bluehead wrasses. I had in my mind that I had to be careful while probing the shelves too quickly as to not meet up with a lionfish. But we saw none today.

Church Bay is still a wonderful snorkeling area. The corals seem to be in good form and visibility was great.

I do want to find the location(s) of the regular hogfish. They used to congregate near dusk along Shelly Bay stretch regularly, but it hasn't been so for a couple of years now. Oh well, cease the day and bon weekend y'all!

bermuda reefer
06/30/2008, 10:05 AM
Yes, Sunday was nice, we went to hogfish beacon but to rough and then off the back
island behind spanish point park, very nice there but no small fish, did score a very nice sand anenome with a lime green mouth that was in the rubble.
then went off shore north off mangrove bay, caught the smallest 2 spot damsel
about 1.5cm but no baby angles just teenagers, must keep looking!!!