View Full Version : Thinking about upgrading my tank...

07/02/2008, 03:05 AM
(Please remember I am not a "noob" I have been keeping marine for about a year not saying I know everything but I know some and I have a smaller aquarium filtered on live rock and a small hang on filter. and 1 power head sad system but it works)
As of now I have a 20g High, and I am thinking about buying a 54g bowfront, cornor reef-ready (I take it that that means it has an overflow).

Any ways would I have a lot more options with that size aquarium?

I have 2 clowns (Ocellaris), Yellow-Clown-Goby, Sand-sifting sea-star, 4 hermits.

1. Could I add quite a few more things to the 54?

2. Also what size sump would I need? Am I better off to make one or buy one?

This is my supply list:
3. Sump (What are some necessary filter media?)

4. Protein Skimmer (recommend some please)

5. Live rock (should I match the tank size 54lbs.)

6. Crushed coral/sand (I used live sand bought it before I knew it was a rip off but as long as it
keeps pH in range it's fine correct?)

7. Heater (heat the tank or the sump??)

8. Powerhead (considering the hydor korlias)

What am I missing?

I have hydrometer think about buying a refractor.
Have a test kit the API one I believe.
I always use bio-spira is that okay never read up on this stuff...

Thank you so much and I know this is a lot, I will be reading through and most likely answering my own questions...