View Full Version : PH , ph controllers and controlling it all.

07/06/2008, 11:13 AM
I recently bought a PH controller. I put the sensor in the sump to measure tank PH. It turns off at 7.80 and turns on at 8.04 .

I see many of you are putting your sensor to mesure the effluent ph. Is there a advantage to that? It seems dangerous to me but I am willing to try it.

Also, my ph is kind of low and I would like to use my automatic topoff to buffer it. My choices are Superbuffer DKH , baking soda , or kalk (not dripping, but auto top off). I would like your advice on that.

Right now my solinoid valve is shut off and ph is at 7.95(lights just turned on).
Calcium is low at 320 ppm. DKH is low end at 6.8 to 7.0 dkh.

I have not touched anything for 1 week, but it certainly seems like my reactor is losing the battle. I should also note that I did a 60% water change 9 days ago to get chemical properties in balance.

Anyway thanks for any input you may have.