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07/07/2008, 07:16 PM
Just over one month into hurricane season and we have to brace for a potential hit already! We could use the precipitation from the outer "rain" bands but those high winds are not welcome.
So many questions....
Just what will it due to our hunting season? Stirred up seas and lots of debris.
Shall more lionfish ride the currents to our shores?
Maybe a few royal grammies and yellow tangs might get swept into our waters...perhaps Nemos and Doras?

Get the inverters out, charge those "deep cell" 12 volt batteries and buy a couple of battery air pumps. Do we use the inverters for only DC lighting small appliances, the fridge OR do we elect to power all the fish tank stuff?

What will you do? By all means, stay safe and secure.

07/12/2008, 06:28 PM
Hurricane Berth (140 miles wide) slowed done today. I think it realized its GPS is off course and can't seem to find us. If the eye passes 90 miles to our east early Moday morning with 70 knot winds extending out 35 miles, we should only be brushed with rain and strong gale force winds. Looks like we will all be OK. But these systems can be very unpredictable! We just have to wait until the surf subsides before we resume fish hunting.

bermuda reefer
07/13/2008, 01:55 PM
Well the water is already looking stirred up and today the north shore is getting pretty choppy.
To add to all this the teenage blue tang has dissapeared this morning, had him for 5 weeks
and went thru the whole ich cycle twice and he was still eating well but he went thru some bizzare color changes and seems to be gone today. Will have to wait till next week to venture
out for new fish, i have no luck with herbivours.
Where are the baby angles??? any sightings? Russ.

07/13/2008, 03:28 PM
Although Bertha is "only" (ha) a tropical storm now, we may experience lots of wind if the eye smacks us. The storm surge and tornado damage potential would increase. I went over to South Shore to take a look at the high seas outside the reefs.

Sorry to hear about the tang. I could only keep them alive for a maximum stretch of 6 weeks. Then some of the other guys told me about nori. Once I read about its value, I decided to raise my blue tang, ocean surgeon and doctor fish on nori primarily. I would use flakes, broccoli and blood worms seldomly. It worked for me to get the grazers over that tankhood break-in hump. Nori may help your tangs too. I use toasted nori from Miles. I have had my blue tang now just for 2 1/2 years now.

07/15/2008, 06:53 PM
Bye Bertha, we are closing this chapter....I mean mini thread. Not missing you one bit. You exercised the trees, but you left lots of loose branches and leaves. You left our water tanks higher, but you leaked and flooded some of the low lying.
You caused our family to huddle together closely, but you cut the power off in the middle of that DVD. No lives lost, stirred seas, but it's alright!!!
Bertha has become the longest lived JULY tropical storm on record.
Anyway, we may just go tide pooling if the seas haven't settled by the weekend. You never know what the storms blow in sometimes.

07/27/2008, 09:56 AM
sparing Bermuda. When I think of how Texas got smacked by Dolly (only a CAT 2 huh), my my......