View Full Version : just an odd question

07/21/2008, 07:59 PM
I have a 75 gpd system with sediment, carbon, ro, di then a small di as a safety measure.

I normally have it hooked up to a top off bucket via a float switch and the system makes a gallon at a time. over the coarse of time my tds have risen to 30 even after the di's. I know I need to change my prefilters.
I needed to do a water change and couldnt get to a store to get new cartridges.
when I started making water the tds was 30+ by the end of the 40 gallons of water the tds was 0 on 2 different meters.

is this due to the fact that I was making such tiny amounts of water and should be making larger quantities of a need for flushing the membrane a bit more regularly.....

or something else.....