View Full Version : Where are the baby angles?

bermuda reefer
07/26/2008, 07:57 PM
Well hope to head out tomorrow in search of some baby angles, no luck for me
in a long time, Walt caught 2 off of Daniels head but lost them to ich.
I caught a ocean sturgin last week and he has taken to the nori right away, has already gone thru his first pick up of ich but seems to have shed it quickly, fingers crossed cause i gave walt all my ich treatment but have ordered more.
So has anyone seen the little angles...dont keep it a secret.

07/27/2008, 09:52 AM
I haven't seen any angels on my few trips so far. No secret here, as I clearly can't have those beautiful, gorgeous......reef wreckers in my tank.
I'll pick up an ocean surgeon later. I wish you well with yours. Yes, nori builds them up. I found that keeping a tang (Bermuda ones) fed well for first eight weeks is key to its tankhood survival. Water quality goes without saying. I suggest you feed this surgeon often. When you see its belly full after it expresses waste, I say very good. Diced squid is also a seldom treat.