View Full Version : ACIII Not powering on after power flicker

07/28/2008, 02:47 PM
Hey Folks

The other day we had a power flicker here at the house. It was very brief. The house lights only flickered.

However All the components connected to the DC8 went completely off; Pumps, lights etc.

I have a UPS on the ACIII so the ACIII should have registered the power lost... Well, it ididn't. I waited 15 minutes and the DC8 never reinitialized.

I unplugged the power from the ACIII and plugged it back in and the all the components tied to the DC8 turned on again.

Can someone look at my code and please tell me if I've done something wrong.? I'm not very good at writing nor understanding how this programming code works.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


If Time > 00:00 Then BL1 ON
If Time > 00:00 Then BL2 ON
If Time > 00:00 Then SKM ON
If Time > 00:00 Then Fl3 ON
If Time > 00:00 Then REA ON
If Time > 13:00 Then LT1 ON
If Time > 13:30 Then LT2 ON
If Time > 22:30 Then LT2 OFF
If Time > 22:59 Then LT1 OFF
If Time > 15:00 Then Fl3 ON
If Time > 23:00 Then Fl3 OFF
If Time > 00:00 Then ALM OFF
If Temp > 81.9 Then ALM ON
If Temp < 77.0 Then ALM ON
If Temp > 81.9 Then LT2 OFF
If Temp > 81.9 Then LT1 OFF
Max Change 015 M Then LT1 OFF
Max Change 015 M Then LT2 OFF
If pH > 08.50 Then ALM ON
If pH < 07.70 Then ALM ON
If Power 000 Then ALM ON
If Switch1 CLOSED Then SW1 ON
If Switch1 OPEN Then SW1 OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then Sol ON
Max Change 060 M Then Sol ON
If Switch1 OPEN Then Sol OFF

07/28/2008, 02:53 PM
The AC will only register power fail if the 'battery' power is on when the main power connector is dead.

Now, that said the AC should have resent the on/off commands, which it does every 5 minutes and the DC8 and other control devices should have been reset.

Since you unplugged the AC to correct the problem you have reset what may have caused the problem. If this happens again I would suggest using the Net Setup->Reset, which will reset the AC3 (no programming is lost) and see if that correct the issue. Since the devices didn't reset I am wondering of the AC was sending commands at all.