View Full Version : Air Water Ice customer service is excellent!

07/31/2008, 08:05 AM
Ordered a Typhoon III along with a lot of other aquarium start-up hardware from various vendors. The RO/DI unit showed up first of everything.

The hardware was labeled cleanly, and had instructions with plenty of pictures. I had a small problem with one part vibrating(check valve) only causing some additional noise(no performance issues) and via email support they priority mailed me a replacement at no charge!

AWI has earned a loyal customer.

08/02/2008, 06:25 PM
Was it a check valve or the auto shut-off valve? My shut-off valve used to make too much noise because of not enough water pressure on the intake line. I found that the saddle valve connection to a PEX line does not allow enough water pressure through to the main unit for optimal operation.

I replaced the saddle valve with a real T connection into my plumbing and the water pressure went in the unit went up farther into the "good" range. My water production rates went up and the annoying vibration noise from the shut-off valve stopped.