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08/06/2008, 03:45 PM
Let me know if you see anything incorrect or that should be changed. Its pretty basic so far but I just got it :)

LT1$-A01 MH1
LT2$-A02 MH2
SKM&-A03 Skimmer
RTN&-A04 Return
HET%-A05 Heater
REF$-A06 Fuge
FN2%-A07 Big fans(120v)
FN1%-A08 120mm pc fans

If Power 010 Then LT1 OFF
If Power 015 Then LT2 OFF
If Power 001 Then RTN OFF
If Power 003 Then SKM OFF
If FeedA 000 Then RTN OFF
If FeedA 015 Then SKM OFF
If Time > 00:00 Then RTN ON
If Time > 00:00 Then SKM ON
If Time > 00:00 Then ALM OFF
If Time > 00:00 Then FN2 OFF
If Time > 15:00 Then LT1 ON
If Time > 22:00 Then LT1 OFF
If Time > 15:15 Then LT2 ON
If Time > 22:15 Then LT2 OFF
If Time > 20:00 Then REF ON
If Time > 14:00 Then REF OFF
If Time > 15:18 Then FN1 ON
If Time > 22:20 Then FN1 OFF
If Temp > 80.5 Then FN1 ON
If Temp < 80.0 Then FN1 OFF
Max Change 015 M Then FN1 ON //Keeps fan on at least 15 min?
If Temp > 80.8 Then FN2 ON
If Temp < 80.6 Then FN2 OFF
Max Change 010 M Then FN2 ON //Keeps fan on at least 10 min?
If Temp < 80.2 Then HET ON
If Temp > 80.4 Then HET OFF
If Temp < 78.0 Then HET OFF //temp probe fail
If Temp < 78.0 Then ALM ON
If pH > 08.30 Then ALM ON
If pH < 07.50 Then ALM ON
If ORP < 300 Then ALM ON
If ORP > 400 Then ALM ON
If Temp > 80.9 Then ALM ON
If Temp > 82.0 Then LT1 OFF
Max Change 030 M Then LT1 OFF
If Temp > 83.0 Then LT2 OFF
Max Change 035 M Then LT2 OFF


08/06/2008, 05:47 PM
You need to remove this line:

If Temp > 80.5 Then FN1 ON

As it will interfere with the time statements you have for this fan.

Also I think that your temperature probe failure statement's temperature set-point is too close to your control temperatures. I'd make it 'If Temp < 75.0' or so, as I have seen heaters not able to keep up on cold winter days.


08/06/2008, 08:05 PM
Well if it gets warm at night I want FN1 to kick on as well, and before FN2 would kick on cause they are loud and FN1 is quite. The time statement turning FN1 on is cause i didnt like the idea of the halides being on long with out FN1 on.(when they first come on, although it doesnt take the MH long to heat the water and turn it on anyways.) Does this interfere with it working that way? If I need to ditch one or the other ill get rid of the time statement turning them on/off, seems to be working so far though.
Ill move the temp probe fail farther away from my setpoint, was trying to protect from the probe somehow coming out of the water as well, but probably not needed, and your point about the heaters in the winter makes more sense (although they keep it within a degree all year)

Thank you!

08/11/2008, 03:44 PM
I would let the tem drive fan 1. Why do you want it on at night if the temp is within parameters?

It will come on before fan 2 anyway if things heat up at night! :inlove: :sleep:

08/11/2008, 08:42 PM
The temp does drive fan1. The only thing out of the norm here was me having fan1 turn on a bit after the MH turned on also. I was doing this so there would be less of a swing as the tank gradually heats with fan1 on during the hot days and then fan2 kicks on. Turning fan1 on before it hits its temp doesnt give the MH such a head start :P Im just glad i can get away with a chiller!

And lately the clowns have been heating things up quite a bit at night or even in plain daylight right out in the open! (almost) haha, just started laying eggs. caught them in the act a couple weeks ago.

Thanks for your help guys!