View Full Version : Outer Orbit Lights and AC3

09/08/2008, 11:39 PM
I have an Outer Orbit lighting system 1079 model with 12 moon lights. I have the AC3 programmed with a DC8 with both the blue and white LED power ruuning intot he DC8. The AC3 is programmed like so for this endevor....

If Sun 000/000 Then VHO ON
If Sun 015/-015 Then MHL ON
If Sun 030/-030 Then MHC ON
If Sun 045/-045 Then MHR ON
If Moon 000/000 Then MN1 ON
If Moon 015/-015 Then MN2 ON
If Temp < RT+-0.4 Then HET ON
If Temp < RT+-1.0 Then ALM ON
If Temp > RT+1.0 Then HET OFF

Two questions will the intensity of the LED lighting with the programmed moon cycle vary based on moon cycle or is this just an on our off situation?

Has anyone used a flash stick with an AC3?

09/10/2008, 12:19 PM
The 3rd party moon lights will just turn on/off - there will be no dimming. I don't have any experience with the flash stick.