View Full Version : Drilling the side of a 180

09/15/2008, 04:21 PM
I want to set the tank up as a peninsula... meaning I need to drill all my holes in one of the short sides.... After reading up on drilling.... do I have to stand this thing up on its side, then climb up a ladder to drill?
Gonna be dealing with a bit of a headroom issue if I do this, is there any way to drill it with the tank on its bottom? can I use a running hose as coolant and use the drill's level to drill straight?
Just trying to find the wisest way to do this.
Also, on the drilling front, any problem with going to the glass shop and just buying sheets of glass to practice? There's nothing really different about glass sheets and the glass assembled into a tank right?

09/15/2008, 04:29 PM
When I drill, I do it outside and like you posted, just let a hose trickle water over the area. I've never drilled horizontal, but dont see why not. Like always, just take your time, and go very slowly.

09/15/2008, 04:34 PM
high speed, low pressure and wiggle the drill as ur drilling it will keep the bit from binding up and cracking the glass. u can drill with the tank sitting down just get someone to hold the hose.