View Full Version : Replacing Skimmer - Need Some Help!

09/16/2008, 02:04 PM
Hey guys, I am looking to replace my current skimmer (ETSS Reef Devil), which i am less then satisfied with. This is for my 75 gal reef system. I am looking to place it in my sump sitting in aprox 9 inches of water.

I am looking at the below 2 options and am looking for some guidance.

AquaC EV-180
Octopus Extreme 160

Has anyone had experience with them? Good or Bad comments welcome.


09/16/2008, 02:14 PM
I have had both. They are entirely two different skimmer machines. The Aqua C uses a high watt pump (usually a Mag9) to drive the spray injector, requires weekly venturi cleaning to remove salt creep. Many find the Aqua C hard to use and get minimal results, usually not having a full understanding of how it works. When working optimally the Aqua C is a great skimmer but can be difficult to the average hobbiest.

The Octo Extreme 160 works well and reliable when using the pin wheel. The mesh produces more air but becomes unreliable and requires more than normal maintenance. I figure you are looking for a skimmer with a small foot print and without knowing your skimmer history I would advise the Octo Extreme for your setup. This skimmer will be more than enough and is well built and a performer.

Hope this helps.

09/16/2008, 02:27 PM
I'll give my experience's. I use to run an asm g-3, then the octo nw's got popular so i got one of those, then everyone was modding them and it became a pain to keep up. Then the octo extreme's came out so i had to try one of those. With the asm g-3 i was getting pretty consistent performance as long as the skimmer was in constant water. Then teh octo about the same, then i modded the pump on the nw200 and it worked better. I couldn't ever get more than 25scfh myself. I now have the extreme 200 and i got it because it said 35-37scfh with a pinwheel. Well, i get about 13-15scfh with an ocassional bounce to 20scfh. It looks nice and is much more efficient than the octo nw using 60+ watts, but i'm not overly excited about it to be honest.