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09/16/2008, 07:46 PM
I've always used marineland's green and white epoxy in my SPS tank. To avoid my skimmer acting up, I would always rinse the epoxy before use and my skimmer would continue to function normally.

Three days ago I used less than half a stick of Aquastik epoxy in my tank. Despite my having rinsed this epoxy, my skimmer (ASM G3) has continued to produce an enormous amount of foam. The skimmer collection cup overflows in approximately thirty seconds.

While I'm aware epoxy causes most skimmers to over-foam/overflow, my question is whether doing so for three days is normal.

I've added fresh carbon to the tank, and I've done a 30% water change, but the skimmer continues to overflow when I turn it on.

At this point I'm wondering whether it's the epoxy or possibly a skimmer problem...

Thanks in advance


09/16/2008, 08:38 PM
i had it happen on my old tank lasted no lie about a week and a half to 2 weeks. was running the aqua c remora. was driving me nuts. it did finally stop though.

09/17/2008, 09:26 AM
Today is the fourth day my tank has been running without a skimmer due to epoxy. This is terrible. I need to consider using alternative adhesives in the future.