View Full Version : would this light set up work?

09/16/2008, 08:54 PM
I am trying to do a DIY job for my lighting for my 20 gallon long tank (depth 12 inches) with the parts I already have (minus the bulbs)

Two coralife or Hagen (not sure exactly what type...50/50, actinic, what kelvin scale) 18" t-8 15 watt flourescents, then I can add any combination of up to four 25 watt incandescent 5" bulbs (clear or blue), for a potential 130 watt total. Am I completely off here since I keep hearing this 3-10 watts per gallon? This setup could give me 6.2 wpg, thus enabling me to keep a variety or corals...right?

09/16/2008, 10:07 PM
i have never seen par readings from those bulbs. but i dont think you can get enough energy with all that.