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09/18/2008, 02:05 PM
I currently have a PC Coralife 10k w/Actinic lighting and have recently upgraded from a 55gal to a 75 gal tank. I only will be doing Softies & some LPS corals. Is this lighting satisfactory for a 75 gal tank & the corals I am and will be doing?

09/18/2008, 02:12 PM
twin 65 watts? or quadruple? or what? Quadruple 65 watts would probably do the job, the only thing is, the fixture needs to be a bit higher off the water to cover the full width of the tank, and you're going to lose a bit of par off of that.
I always think that if you can't do Halides (or in this case, don't need to), do T-5, because if you need more light output, you can just overdrive the bulbs. However, in this case you've already got the fixture.

If you've got quad-65's, my short answer is this: I say it should work, with the exeption of a few harder-to-keep lps. There's a small chance that it won't work, but in the case that it doesn't, rather than shopping around for a new fixture, you could probably just switch your actinic bulbs out for 50/50's... that'll brighten things up a bit. -- Raise the fixture up a bit to get light to the entire tank.

09/18/2008, 02:25 PM
It has 4 - 65 watts. It fits the 75 gal 48 inch as width. It has brackets so is about 3 inches or so above water.

09/18/2008, 02:39 PM
if you could hang it... say, from a canopy or the ceiling or something, up to 8 inches or so, that would be better.. Otherwise, focus the light a little bit back from the middle... you won't be able to see all the way to the back of the tank very well, which can be nice, as it hides heaters and power cords and stuff like that. Keep corals that have higher light dependence directly underneath the fixture, and higher up.... you know the drill I'm sure.