View Full Version : T5 and VHO?

09/19/2008, 07:23 AM
My current set up is on a 55gl (48 x 13 x 20) and am running 2 X T5 aquasun 10k and 2 X T5 actinic plus. I plan to move my current set up into a 90gl (48 x 18 x 24) so more light would be needed. So, I picked up a ice cap 660 ballast and all the waterproof end caps and stand offs I found at a deal I couldn't pass up and now really want to do something with VHO lighting in addition to the T5s on the new tank.

Now, I already know that mixing T5's and VHO's is kind of weird so I just want to make sure I've not completely lost touch...

This is the plan from the front of the tank back:

1 - vho super actinic blue
A - t5 aquasun
2 - vho actinic white
B - t5 actinic +
3 - vho aquasun daylight
C - t5 actinic +
4 - t5 aquasun
D - vho actinic white

What I want to achieve is something not too blue or too washed out, yellow or pink. I want to be able to keep SPS, LPS, softies.. whatever I want under this lighting. Will this work?

Or should I stick with the T5s and run 6-8 of them and call it a day? Thoughts?