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09/19/2008, 08:39 AM
So this 210g tank I picked up has a huge center brace. It's got the normal black plastic that is about 2" wide but then it's got a 6-8" wide piece of glass siliconed in place on each side of it. This makes the brace over a foot wide and I really don't want it blocking the light.

1.) Could I safely remove the glass pieces are rely on the plastic brace?
2.) Would there be a way for me to remove is completely and make a pair of braces that would divide the top into 3 sections instead of having one brace in the middle?
3.) Do tank manufacturers offer new top moldings that I could replace this with? I noticed that all of the new tanks have 2 braces instead of one in the center. This would be the easiest option if it's replaceable.

09/20/2008, 09:07 AM


Mike Murphy
09/20/2008, 02:52 PM
My 125 has the same thing. It also had a plastic trim piece that was probably for a glass top at one time. I have 3 metal halide lights and 4 96 watt actinics and moon lights in a 72" fixture. I was woried at first about blocking light, heat absorbtion etc. but my light is about 4 inches away from the glass and heat is not an issue and the glass as long as it is kept clean does not seem to detract much from the benefit of the 1 metal halide that it is under. I have always been concerned of a tank bowing in the middle when full in the older tanks so I left mine intact. My 300 is an old Odell tank and did not have one to support the top sides. Consequently it bowed about 2 inches when full and it was plainly visible. I later put in a center and corner braces.

09/20/2008, 07:09 PM
I had one on my 180 and always wanted to get two split braces, It was easier to get a new tank:cool: