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09/19/2008, 05:46 PM
I am almost done with my 540 gallon sps build, I will be posting my build thread in the large tank forum, As all of you know when you get ready to do a build there are a lot of purchases and parts involved. I can honestly say the manufactures I have dealt with have all been great, the help that I recieve from this site is second to none and I dont think I could have done the build without it.
I recently ordered a bulb for my gamma uv sterelizer from marine depot and when I went to install it on my 1 1/2 year old sterelizer the plug was completely and totally corroded, to the point two prongs got stuck in the bulb. I was very upset and called marine depot, they in turn got me in touch with current-usa (the manufacturer) who basically explained to me it was past the warranty (one year) and wasnt willing to fix the problem. Thisis upsetting because I have a coralife one that is known for being cheap and is a few years old and has no problems.
What Im interested in is how many other people are having or had the same problem (you can pm me if you want) because I am not ready just to let this thing lie. Please let me know and for the people that are currently useing them you should definately check them out!!! I will be posting several pictures in my build thread