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09/19/2008, 06:26 PM
Hello there. Well i got my Extreme Typhoon III with 150GPD membrane from you guys back in end of May. Since then the unit has served me well. my tap TDS is about 425 after the membrane it comes out to about 10-12 TDS. After the DI its Zero

A couple days ago the little red light came on and i saw the output TDS jumping from 0-1 TDS so i figured my DI is running out. So i called and put in a order from you guys for the 5 pounds of DI and something called a Catalytic Carbon Cartrige. I just went to my City water department and notice they are using Chloromines in the water now. So with this new filter it will Clean the water from Chloromines right? Also can we still use it for drinking water?

Well last night i disconnected the RODI and reistalled it in the covert still using the same water supply. after hooking it back up. i notice the DI water out put was back to 0 TDS and not jumping around any more. So i also used the hand held TDS meter and same it was 0 TDS.

I actually turned the Flushing knob on top and ran it like that for about 1-2 minutes. What is the purpose of the Flush what does it do? Sorry im a newb with RODI.

Second once I receive the filters is there a special way to put the filters in or something. Do i need to flush it after or discard the 1st couple gallons. for the new DI i just pack it in the old container all the way to the rim?

Thanks in Advance.

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09/25/2008, 04:36 PM
AWI is a great company!!! Shoot them a email on their site...I bet you will get a quicker response. I'm sure it is hard for them to keep up with all of the forums they are on.

I just ordered my Typhoon III also ... cant' wait to get it :)