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09/28/2008, 03:59 PM
Well I have it the 6 month mark on my 55 gallon aquarium. I want to start thinking about corals now. I have a 48" Odyssea PC lights that are 20000k white and 10000k blue light. I have great flow rate in the aquarium and in the sump/fuge area. All the tests have been coming back great.
S.G. 1.024
Ammonia .0ppm
Nitrite .0ppm
Nitrate .5ppm
Calcium 450
Alk 3.5

Everything has been really stabled lately. I even have a ton of baby snails all over in the aquarium and fuge area. Nitrate went up a little recently cause I had a turbo snail due. The other 4 are still kickin and doin their thing. I've been watchin the tank for the last 2 weeks cause I had knee surgery and cant do anything else lol. Well when we saw the snail just layin their we got it out and immediately outside. The skimmer is doing great also. I have been feeding flake food everyday except 2 times a week then they get frozen food. I would like to know what everyone thinks is a good starter coral for me. I have 1 cleaner shrimp, 2 maroon clowns, a green chromis, 4 turbo snails, and Lord knows what kind else I have on snails and how many there are lol, and 2 red legged hermit crabs. The only thing I really want in the aquarium now is an RBTA. I know I'm not ready for it yet but hey a gal can wish right. So I need some ideas about where to go from here. I want hardy corals so if I mess somethin up then I dont kill the thing out right. Thanks in advance of any advice. Y'all have a great one.

09/28/2008, 04:06 PM
The biggest issue I see for you is your lighting. There are very few corals that will thrive under PC lighting. A RBTA is going to require more than that, so its something to think about in the future when your considering any possible upgrades to your equipment.

I highly suggest looking at softies/leathers, and some of the lesser light demanding LPS such as frogspawns. In fact, a frogspawn or torch coral may be a really good choice for you. Its quite possible your clownfish will live in it like they would in an anenome.

I have seen a few very very nice tanks IRL with mainly LPS corals and zoanthids that look amazing under only PC light, so dont get discouraged, just know that you need to look for low light species.

09/28/2008, 04:15 PM
As previuosly mentioned by SquidHC, there are several species of corallimorphs, zoanthids, and leathers that will work with lower lighting. Just one caution about the Euphyllia (torch, frogspawn, anchor, and hammer) LPS corals. They are good growers, and use long sweeper tentacles to hunt, they need a lot of room. The frogspawn is probably the safest as far as sweepers go.

09/29/2008, 06:20 AM
I really want to make it look nice in the tank. I dont want to get anything that can kill off the fish that are in the aquarium now either. Where would you suggest I get some lps? I dont want to bring anything into my tank that could harm anything else in there. I have heard of people getting spider lookin bug and mites and flatworms from their lfs. Also I have only 1 lfs near me and they had flatworms last time I was in there. I dont want those plus they will charge you both arms and legs and first born for a tiny coral and laugh when it dies cause they wont explain how to take care of it. I dont want to go through that and I dont want to hurt the fish I have now. I dont want to over crowd the aquarium either. I am going to go searching the net now for frogspawn, torch corals and zoanthids. Thank you again and I need more advice lol.

09/29/2008, 06:29 AM
Most every coral has some defense mechanism to hunt/fight off other competitors.

That being said, most LPS will play nice with each other.

The lower left side of my tank has some softies, LPS, and Zoanthids on it. I really like the Pink Hammer Coral, and one of my favorite corals is the Green/Yellow Sinularia Flexibis (Finger Leather).

Also, the Green Open Brain coral in my tank is basically in the shade on the sandbed in my tank and is a pretty cool looking coral IMO.