View Full Version : glass & acrilic aquarium, Metal Halides, Protein Skimmers, tank stand

10/09/2008, 01:03 AM
Here's the list.

CPR overflow CS90 $70

55 gal acrilic tank, drilled bottom, with overflow $90

two red sea prisim skimmers BO

Two 175W metal halides (screw bulbs) each $90, everything for $190
one halide and bulb never used, other used for 2 months
with 30 in reflector. Posted is the picture of the balast.

Also have a mega flow sump #2 and That is hooked up to a 20 gal acrilic, once I have moved it over to my new set up these will be for sale. I will also have extra live rock and sand for sale.

Finally I have a 29 gal glass tank with stand, canopy and stock light.