View Full Version : Sargassum Weed Interesting Finds

10/15/2008, 04:31 AM
After rough weather hampered our prime goal for exploration last last weekend (spanish hogfish), we stumbled upon heaps of seaweed near the shore-line. One triple-tail was spotted, then much more came into view. It's a strange fish that likes to lay sideways near the surface, like a floating leaf. I kept it for a couple of days and then released it. It refused to adapt well to tankhood. We netted a few colorful file-fish, a juvenile bar jack and a yellow jack. The former are eating well; speedy but are doing OK. One of the guys netted a juvenile dolphin fish! A few "we-had-never-before-seen" small shrimps and crabs were spotted as well. They were of assorted colors and cleaned other fish will in the holding containers. One of the gang was longing for a sargussum fish and a sea horse, but we saw none. Amazing! The weather didn't foil us totally fter.

11/05/2008, 05:20 PM
Another seaweed expedition resulted in two sargassum fish and a few strange shrimps. They were not keen on cleaning but my blue tang forced them to act the role; that's before they came out too far and got eaten by the hogfish! I saw two left hiding on top of a powerhead. The sargassum fish almost lasted a week. The bigger fish kept picking at their tails and fins. I even saw a baby dolphin fish but it was way too small to keep. I released a second pipe-fish as well. Sargassum comes and it goes around the world. It is chuck full of goodies but not all therein is aquarium suitable.