View Full Version : FedEx SmartPost Problem 2

10/24/2008, 08:59 AM
In my previous complaint about this service I was told my customer info would be updated to not use this shipping method.

I placed an order last night (N9601662-1) and I received a notification that it was shipped this morning via.........FedEx SmartPost. I doubt it's actually physically shipped (just entered into the computer). Please see if your warehouse can fix this mistake as it's extremely upsetting. Especially after I decided to remain loyal to DFS and continue doing business with what is an excellent company aside from their use of this shipping method.

I placed another order last night in addition to this one (forgot an item had to immediately place a follow up) and would very much like to see it not shipped via SmartPost as well. Thanks in advance.

10/24/2008, 09:39 AM
Just received a very prompt call from DFS customer service and problem is resolved. If they make a note on your file to avoid shipping via SmartPost and your address later changes make sure to call them and give a heads up. Once again, DFS bends over backwards to make the customer happy.