View Full Version : Lighting fixture disaster

10/26/2008, 03:01 PM
I had to take off my canopy this morning (don't ask), and while it was off, my T5 lighting fixture acrylic cover came detached. It was easy enough to re-attach it, but now 5 of my 12 bulbs are out---I have no idea why. I tried putting what I knew to be working bulbs into the non-working bulb slots, and they didn't work, so I am convinced something somehow got damaged. Is it likely that 5 entire slots got damaged? If so, can they be replaced? Also, when I turned-on the fixture while testing, I noticed that the fans didn't turn-on. Are they supposed to run the entire time the lights are on, or do they run intermittently? Assuming there is some kind of damage, how harmful to my tank is it to have only 7 lights on instead of all 12?

10/26/2008, 03:10 PM
sounds like either a balast problem or when you had the light off you somehow disconnected something at the end caps.