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11/06/2008, 01:34 PM
Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference
11am to 5pm - Sunday November 23rd
2143 South 10th Street, San Jose, 95112
www.TheBAYMAC.com (site will be up by this weekend)

Join us 11 am to 5pm Sunday November 23rd 2008 in San Jose, CA
for the first annual BAYMAC - Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference
serving the Central and Northern California reef communities.

This first event will be FREE for everyone to attend and to participate.
You don't need to be a member of a reef club to attend. All skill levels and all ages are encouraged to attend.

Frag sales supporting regional Reef clubs -
BAR - Bay Area Reefers and NCNRS - Northern California Nano Reef Society
will have aquariums with coral frags & supplies for sale.
All proceeds of these sales go to supporting the respective club.

Private Frag sales -
Other non club affiliated sellers welcome as well
Please contact [email protected] for more details
or visit www.thebaymac.com/nonclubfragsales08

Guest Speakers -
Jake Adams (Flow Dynamics and flow devices explained), Rich Ross (Coral collections in Tonga) and Randy Reed (Feeding your reef)
For bio’s and more details please visit www.thebaymac.com/speakers08

Reef Gear Flea Market -
Got extra reef gear lying around, come sell it for CASH!!
Come sell your used reef aquarium related gear
Space is limited so please show up right before 11am to ensure you receive a spot.
For more details please visit www.thebaymac.com/usedgearswap08 or contact [email protected]

Manufacturers on hand to answer your questions

Raffle -
Donations from companies like Reef Nutrition, CPR,
United Pet Group (Marine Land, Tetra, etc), TAAM (Rio, SEIO, etc), and more.
All proceeds will be split between BAR & NCNRS equally

Directions & Info –

11am-5pm Sunday November 23rd
2143 South 10th Street, San Jose, 95112
Close to the 87/280/101/85 and the San Jose Fair Grounds

11/10/2008, 10:46 AM

CVR - Central Vally Reefers will be joining BAR and NCNRS with selling coral frags and supplies to support their club. Welcome CVR, glad you could join in the fun :)

Raffle items added:

Neptune Systems has donated an ACjr Controller

EcoTech has donated a Vortech

Boston Aqua Farms has donated two Premium Propagation kits, 3x Reef Epoxy, Scalpel, Bone Shears and tweezers

Reef Nutrition has donated "Plankton Culture Manual", "Giant Clams in the Sea and Aquarium", numerous Reef Nutrition 6oz sample packs as well as individual bottles of product

A private donor has donated a Kill-A-Watts meter and 100x Coral Cradles.

CPR, TAAM, Caribsea, EcoSytem Aquarium, and United Pet Group (Marineland, etc) have all indicated they will be donating to the swap as well but no items have been specified..stay tuned :)

BAR members will be donating some LE corals to the swap as well.

All raffle proceeds are split amongst the participating clubs. This show that will be BAR, NCNRS and CVR.

11/10/2008, 02:17 PM
Here's a look into the venue BAYMAC is being held at. It's a wedding/event hall that was just recently finished :)


11/11/2008, 05:34 PM
wow very detailed work. Don't see that kind of detail much anymore. Thanks for posting and the photos! Wish I could make this one but too many things going on. Good Luck!

11/11/2008, 05:37 PM
Raffle Update:

Caribsea has donated a bunch of product, and I mean a bunch. They put in ARM Coarse (Ca Reactor media), ARM XCS (Larger Ca Reactor media), Mineral Mud, Purple Up, Reef Cal, Buff +. Aquatic Biotic Boost and Phos Buster.

11/14/2008, 02:59 PM
Raffle Update:

Aqua Euro USA has donated a Protein Skimmer - needle wheel with Bubble plate (590gph) rated for a 135g tank. Thanks Aqua Euro USA :)

The Aquarium Showroom has donated a tank and stand - size and style not indicated as of yet.

Sunlight Supply, Central Pets and Seachemhave all stated they donate as well.

11/16/2008, 12:06 PM
Mobile Aquatics aka Wishing 2B Outside will be joining us in the private frag sale area. Glad to have you Richard :)

Wet Thumb Frags will be joining BAYMAC in the private frag sale area :) Welcome Wet Thumb Frags :)

If you've never seen either Wet Thumbs Frags or Mobile Aquatics frags your in for a treat. In fact, your in for quite a treat with all the frags being brought. People really have stepped up to the plate on this one :)

Raffle Update:

Wet Thumb Frags has donated a Pink Eyed Lava chalice frag. Beautiful piece I must say :)

NVR has donated a $50 Air Water & Ice Gift Card. I can't thank the club enough fro donating to the raffle. There will also be a special contribution from them to the raffle. This will be announced the day of at 3pm.

We'll have a special announcement in a day or two regarding a give away to the first 50 people in the door...stay tuned :)

We will have a food truck present selling food. We'd like to request that you help us decide what type of food they should bring.
Burgers, hot dogs, etc

If we don't get enough input we'll default to Burgers/Hot Dogs/fries/etc.

11/17/2008, 08:04 PM
wow very exciting event. thanks for posting the details here.

11/19/2008, 10:24 AM
Special Announcement

The first 50 people through the door will receive 2 captive bred Trochus snails curesty of Reef Hobbyist Magazine, www.MOFIB.organd BAYMAC. Special thanks to Jim (Bookfish) for making this happen :)

Raffle Update:

Warner Marine has donated a protein skimmer (model unknown at this point) to the raffle. Thank you Warner Marine :)

SuperBAC has donated some beneficial bacteria to the raffle. Thanks you SuperBAC.

Tene_core has donated a bio-cube to the raffle. Thanks Tene_core :)

Seachem has donated a bunch of products to the raffle. Hopefully it will be here by the event :) Thank you for the last second donation Seachem.

11/20/2008, 10:25 AM
Raffle Update:

Warner Marine Research has donated an AS150 Advanced In-Sump Protein Skimmer. If you haven't seen these bad boys, check this out :)


11/22/2008, 12:38 PM
I'm sad to announce Randy Reed had a family emergency and regrettably can not make the show. In his place we'll have Frank Burr who's talk is "Marine Biospheres".

The new schedule is:

1 pm Jake Adams
2:10pm Frank Burr
3:20pm Rich Ross

11/27/2008, 01:04 AM
any comments from anyone who went to this event?