View Full Version : designing a clean and efficient overflow and return system for a ADA rimless 50g

11/11/2008, 01:10 AM
i recently purchased a rimless ADA 50g tank and now im in the process of setting it up. the tank does not have any pre-drilled holes, so im kinda stuck as to how im going to run my overflow and return setup. lets just say, i cant drill the tank.

do any of you guys have any ideas or pictures on how i could run the overflow box and return lines? i want to try and keep it as clean as possible but i dont know where to start or where to order parts. i tried searching, but the search isnt working for. any suggestions or comments is strongly encouraged.

thanks in advance

11/11/2008, 01:40 PM
any ideas besides the common overflow box? maybe some thoughts on how to make it looks a indiscrete as possible?

11/11/2008, 02:29 PM
If you can't drill you don't have much choice but the standard overflows. Why can't you drill anyway.... Tempered maybe?

You can get clear overflows that will hide easy or at least a lot easier than the black ones. (assuming clear back panel)

You could get a standard overflow and cover it in live rock to hide the structure. You will still see the tube going over the top ut at least you won't see the box.

You could also use the mag rocks and attach corals to the overflow box to hide it. It might take a while to hide it but it would distract from the look of the overflow box...

That's all I have for ideas.

11/12/2008, 12:59 AM
well i have been hearing different stories about ADA tanks being tempered or not. i tried emailing some people over at the ADA website, but i havent gotten a response. im confident in my drilling, but i need to get somekind of confirmation about the glass panels first. thanks for the suggestions though

11/21/2008, 01:12 AM
heres an email i recieved like 2 wks ago when i asked if i could drill ada tanks.

Dear abr6,

The tank could be drilled no problem, but we are not responsible for any damage to the tank that cause by drilling. Also, the warrenty will be void.


Steven Lo
Aqua Forest Aquarium

but like it says at your own risk!